Summer is coming to an end, and the search for the most suitable solutions to save on heating begins. Furthermore, with the current “climate crisis” and the constant rise of gas and oil, finding an alternative source of heating for your home is not an option but a necessity. In recent years, however, the market has been conquered by certain types of pellet stoves and boilers.

Their main strength is that they combine the advantages of using wood with the easy operation of a gas stove.

With immeasurable potential aesthetics, pellet stoves and boilers originate in Canada and provide great versatility to heat any type of environment. They run on a fuel called feed pellets made from wood chips and pressed sawdust residue.

Clean, odorless and ecological, the pellet has an excellent combustion performance and can be easily purchased in 15Kg bags.

All this with a much lower expense, with an average of 4 euros per bag. With each batch a heating of 2-3 days is guaranteed, depending on whether the heater is on continuously or not.

The appearance of a pellet stove is similar to that of a closed fireplace and lends itself to countless design solutions that can be adapted to modern and classic or rustic environments. They are made of various materials and in various colors.

Pellet stoves and boilers are equipped with a timer and thermostat that regulates the temperature and ignition time. Both need a power outlet for their operation and a chimney that allows outside ventilation.

The cost of buying and installing a pellet stove can be amortized in a short time thanks to the savings in heating, and it is possible to enjoy a tax deduction on the cost of the purchase.

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