Pine Edge Glued Panel, Its wood Moulding Milwork 

15-18-22-24-25-30mm x 1220x2440mm. IN AB, BB & CC grades.


Solid Radiata, Pine Edge Glued Panels, Its Wood


Also known as the insignia pine or Monterey pine, is a tree species native to coastal California, although it is now also found in southwestern Europe, southwestern Australia, Chile, Brazil, and South Africa, including New Zealand. Chile has the largest plantations.

Radiata Pine Edge Glued Panels. In Spain, the species is also present in the Basque Country, which occupies 55% of the forested area of ​​the Cantabrian slope.


This wood is yellowish-white, which darkens when exposed to light, while the heartwood is brown.


This wood is straight and the grain is usually fine. The rings are visible and very thick.


This wood is classified as not very resistant to fungi and quite sensitive, especially to termites. In addition, it is a species that likes warm and moderate climates, does not tolerate low temperatures or prolonged droughts, although it thrives in humidity.


Heartwood is not impenetrable, and the wood may vary. Nailing and screwing is easily done with this wood, as well as its sawdust. Before applying finishing products, it is recommended to carry out pre-treatment with a filler. Stains, paints and varnishes adhere well to the texture, making it such a profitable and functional wood that it was dubbed “green gold” during its heyday in the 1950s.


The use of this wood is diverse. For example, it is used to make chipboards. In addition, plywood and wood slats, interior carpentry, coatings, furniture and even cellulose are made with it.