What is SPC Flooring, Its Wood, Radiata Pine Mouldings 

Its SPC and Wood Flooring, What is it

spc-and-wood-flooringVinyl floors have been a great advance in terms of flooring. Its great resistance in situations of humidity, has allowed its great diffusion among the public, becoming a very efficient alternative to laminate flooring.

Within vinyl flooring, what we call S.P.C vinyl flooring deserves special attention.

When we talk about this type of flooring, we can refer to them with a wide variety of nomenclatures. From the most classic terms such as SPC vinyl flooring, or SPC vinyl flooring, SPC vinyl flooring, SPC vinyl flooring; even the abbreviated terms with which we very frequently refer, among them SPC vills, platforms, flooring or S.P.C slats.

We can therefore conclude that whenever we refer to SPC we are talking about vinyl flooring.
S.P.C vinyl flooring and S.P.C flooring

What is an S.P.C Vinyl Floor?

Vinyl floors are the most advanced option in terms of vinyl flooring, offering optimal performance and an excellent aesthetic finish imitating all types of materials, from classic wood to more modern options such as stone, steel, cement, etc. etc.

S.P.C decking stands out and differs from the rest of vinyl in that its core is made up of an S.P.C board. The term SPC, in English Stone Plastic Composite, is a compound of PVC, stabilizers and limestone powder combined and pressed to obtain the material that will form the core. The result is a core with excellent properties and characteristics that make it ideal for resisting in more demanding conditions and greater traffic of people.

S.P.C vinyl stands out for its great resistance, stability and durability.

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