RADIATA PINE AD LUMBER (Furniture and Construction)

Lumber Radiata Pine

We are very strong direct export Lumber from Chile since 90′.
We use to sell to worldwide all furniture & pallet manufacturers, wholesalers, builders, distributors, importers.
Our Lumber All can be AD & K&D 8-12%  Rough or S4S. Can be also FSC Certified and sizes depends on availability.

One of the best known and most used woods in the national market is wood.

radiata-pine-structural-cd-plywoodThe abundance of this species, its ease of working, as well as its good resistance and permeability are some of the characteristics that have made wood so well known. In today’s article, we are going to learn about all the characteristics of this wood, one of the most popular species in Spain for the use of its wood.

The term radiata comes from its scientific name Pinus radiata, although many people know this species under the name insigne or Monterey wood. Its origin dates from the coastal area of California, being introduced in Spain in the Cantabrian Mountains. However, today two-thirds of the radiata mass is concentrated in the Basque Country.

One of the main characteristics of this wood is its color and texture. Radiata wood stands out for its white sapwood with yellowish tones, which darkens in the light, while the heartwood tends to brownish tones. Regarding its texture, this wood has a straight grain, with fine grains and very visible rings.

It is a wood classified as not very durable against the action of biotic or abiotic agents.

Its uses are usually recommended in temperate or hot climates. However, since it has an impregnable sapwood, it can be subjected to different processes or treatments to improve its durability and resistance.

It is considered a soft wood, it has a hardness of 1.8 on the Chaláis-Meudon scale, and is light with a density of 500kg/m3 at 12% humidity. If this wood stands out for something, it is for its easy workability and its low price due to its rapid growth and abundance.

It is very common to see this wood in the manufacture of boards (plywood, lath, fiber…), in the manufacture of interior and exterior carpentry, in furniture, especially with a rustic appearance, as well as in carving or sculpture.