Moulding Flooring and Pellets, Its Wood

Its Radiata Pine Rotary Cut Wood

With 400.000 m2 /shift/month production.
Radiata Pine, Eucalyptus, Tineo, Mañio, Radial &  Crown cut AB quality 0,55 to 0,6mm x 120mm + x 2500-2800mm 

20 yrs experience just in high quality products for European market.

radiata-pine-PINO-estructural-cd-plywoodThis kind of wood is a soft wood. For this reason, the furniture and floors that contain this material are considered not very resistant.

However, this wood is considered a natural and essential material in various structures. For example, the Scots is more frequently found forming boards and planks due to its intrinsic characteristics. On the other hand, we have radiata wood to use formations with long and short type wood. For formwork two, we see that Galician pine wood is used.

As you can see, each type of wood has a more predominant use than another.

pino-chileno-de-calidadThe wood of its easily expandable and contractible material in different conditions of temperature and humidity. This is one of the main reasons why it is considered a soft material.

There is a risk that it may break, depending on the resistance effort it can withstand and the environmental conditions.

We must also take into account when using wood is that it has some of the most notable defects. And it is that the wood has knots. These knots are responsible for the fact that the wood shows various cracks or can be shaped. On many occasions, these characteristics are a consequence of the complete rupture of the wood.

It is advisable to completely eliminate the knots by joining several pieces that do not have these formations.

venta-paneles-lumber-madera-arequipa-1We must also bear in mind that the wood has another fairly important defect. And it is that they have a greater sensitivity to the attack of fungi and xylophagous insects. To solve this problem, treatments are required that are quite effective and that allow the use of this wood in outdoor environments. It is not at all recommended to use this type of wood if it is going to be exposed continuously and directly to the elements. In these cases, it is advisable to use a protective product so that the wood does not deteriorate over time.

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